BLOXs - Moving to the target

BLOXs is a game where the figure (the BLOXs) must be moved to the red marked  target, so that only these fields are overlapped. Simply, try it... The BLOXs will tilts in this direction where you move your finger over the screen of  your device. Left, right, up and down, these are the directions in which the BLOXs  can be tilted. The BLOXs always tilts over the axis of its centre of gravity and is lying  then on the next page. Move so the BLOXs to the target and try this with as few  moves as possible. The BLOXs can be tilted only when there are free fields on the playing filed, i.e. there  must be free enough fields available before the BLOXs can tilted. The BLOXs can not  be tilted when this will protrude over the edge.
© Michael Werren 2012
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