BLOXs - Barriers and Actions 

At some levels is a dice visible on the playing field. This dice cannot be  moved and the BLOXs cannot tilt, when the dice is blocking the way.  In the further levels are shown yellow fields on the playing field, we call them fields of  action. If the BLOXs go in contact with a field of action, then will the defined action  performed. We known of three different fields of action: The Mover slides the BLOXs in the direction that is shown on the mover  self (left, right up or down). If the BLOXs touched several movers, the  BLOXs will slides so long all movers are free again.  The Rotator turns the BLOXs by 90 degrees around its centre of gravity. When the Reset is touched, the BLOXs moved to the start position of  the level, the counter of the moves is not reset. This action fields may be defined as an obstacle or a constituent of the levels  solution, it may possible that the BLOXs must touch one or more movers or rotators  to solve the level. But there exists no level where a rotator or mover slides the BLOXs  direct to the red marked target!
© Michael Werren 2012
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