BLOXs - GameCenter

Each Level has a solution! On the top of the screen shows the state „Best“ how many  movements are necessary to reach the target. If you find a shorter way, then you are  the master of BLOXs. BLOXs doesn’t know points, but if the player can solve a level  with the same or less movements then Best it’s shown, will this create an entry in the  GameCenter. The GameCenter must be activated. There is a switch in the game settings where  you can turn it On/Off. If this is set to On, the player login with his ID in the  GameCenter automatically. The GameCenter will show the reactivated connection  with the “Welcome back” banner. BLOXs remember when the settings for the GameCenter has been activated and  restores at the start of the game automatically the connection to the GameCenter.  Once the GameCenter is activated and the level was solved with the same or less  movement as shown at “Best”, then will this register in the GameCenter,  Congratulation. Players who have never used GameCenter must set this first, i.e. create a user (ID) in the GameCenter. Therefore start the GameCenter on you iOS device and follow the  instructions of GameCenter. To see the leaderboard just touch the GameCenter icon and the leaderboard is  shown.  Try it and compare your result with other players, have fun!  
© Michael Werren 2012
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