BLOXs - Screen objects

On the individual screens of the games are various switches and buttons visible. The  buttons are labelled with there functions, to understand what for it is. If the button on  the start screen is labelled with play or continue play and you press it, then the  game continues with the last unsolved level. Buttons are labeled in the language that  has been selected in the game settings. On the screen with the playing field are buttons with special defined functions. If you  touch theme special actions execute. If you like to restart the level, do this with this button. It will set the BLOXs  to his start position and set the counter to 0, of course you do this only  then when no one else has seen it. You are despair and cannot found the solution for the level? Don’t forget  each level has a solution. Take the magic tool and see if it tells the  solution. With this you come back to the menu.   Turn the sound on or off. Go direct to the setting screen. On the screen are information objects visible too, you can touch them but nothing will  happen. These object display only information. Moves: So many moves did you in this level or since the last reset. Best:  The level can be solved with the count of movements, sometimes that is  unbelievable. If you found a better and faster solution then inform us. Level: This information shows the number of the current level. Totally are 100  different level available, try if you can work them out. In the free version of the game are the first 5 levels activated, you can buy and unlock the  other levels and support us a little bit. Thank you.
© Michael Werren 2012
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