BLOXs - Settings

The game has several options that can be set individually. With the settings button  on the title screen you will switch to the settings screen to modify the game settings.  Global options with the on /off buttons: If the Home-button was pressed or a call comes in, the actual position, level and  scores of the game are saved and the game exit. On the next start of the game it  offers the opportunity to restart at the saved positions. If you don’t like to start the game always with the first level, this button must be set to  on. A short off / on switching will reset the level counter and set them to level 1! The GameCenter must be explicitly enabled to transfer the results to the  GameCenter. Show possibilities. This option is very helpful for new players. If this  option is turned on the game show the possibilities directions in which  the BLOXs can be tilted.   In the centre of the setting screen, the parameters for the game can be modified.  Values for the language, figures, music and playing surface can be adjusted. The  header of the setting box shows the summary of the selected parameters. Start on level: The player can switch between the solved levels or a level can be  replayed again. Slide the position of the slider to the right and the advertising shows  the selected level. Menu Switch back to the main menu and store the selected  settings. Play  The fastest ways from the settings menu to the game, the  selected settings are applied. Reset everything All Buttons and switches are set back to the origin. The  counter for the completed levels will not be changed. Purchase The game is free for the first 5 levels. With this button all 100  levels of the game can be purchased. Thanks for supporting  us! Restore If you purchased all levels in the past and install the game on  a new device, the activation can verified with this button and  must not paid again. The procedure checks via iTunes if the  levels have been already purchased.
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